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ATV Trails

Have you ever wanted to get to that special place on your property with your ATV, but there just isn’t a trail? Let LaFever Excavating, Inc. help!

We’ll design a trail that minimizes the ecological impact, and takes into consideration the soils, topography, and water crossings on your property.

Excavating begins with clearing the vegetation and removal of the stumps, large rocks, and debris. Grading of the trail to balance cuts and fills follows leaving a finished trail. Culverts are needed at times to control water prone areas. Our equipment operators have years of experience in trail construction.

LaFever Excavating, Inc. has a flail mower which attaches to our small excavator. This mower attachment works well for cutting back the brush and limbs that are 4 inches in diameter or less.

Give us a call @ 607-832-4240, and Jonathan LaFever will be glad to discuss an ATV trail with you. He has ridden dirt bikes and snowmobiles for many years. As an active member of Central Catskill Trail Association, the local snowmobile club in this area, one of his duties is design and layout of the area snowmobile trails. He is an accredited New York State Snowmobile Trail Inspector.

Wild Life Food Plots

Wild Life Food PlotsThree basic components of wildlife habitat are FOOD, water, and shelter. Providing the food for wildlife can be accomplished in various ways. One method involves planting one or more types of annual and perennial grains and grasses in a food plot. Food plots can benefit many types of wildlife. They serve as an emergency food in the cold and snow in winter months.

There are several factors that should be considered when constructing a food plot.

What are your expectations?

Are you looking to just view the wildlife and enjoy their presence from your window or porch?

Are you looking to improve the wildlife habitat on your property?

Perhaps you are an avid hunter and are seeking to harvest wildlife. As a hunter, you will be involved in placing a food plot for easy accessibility while taking into consideration the wind direction. Do you hunt with a bow or gun? What type of game do you wish to harvest?

Jonathan LaFever will be happy to discuss these options with you. He is an avid white-tail deer enthusiast who has years of experience in food plot land preparation and planting! He has attended classes taught by Dr. James Kroll and Gordon Whittington from the North American Whitetail Assoc.

Give Jonathan a call at 607-832-4240 or email us.

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Riding Arenas

LaFever Excavating, Inc. works closely with each client who wishes to have an indoor or outdoor equine facility constructed on their property. In our experience, each of our customers have unique needs contingent on their riding style.

We’ll work with you to create a custom-built arena designed to your exacting standards while keeping in mind your budget!

Each surface is designed with high quality materials. Our custom sand mixes are blended to meet your specific needs and laser installed to ensure uniformity of cush and depth.

Give Jonathan LaFever a call at 607-832-4240 or email us.