Land Clearing

Land Clearing - LaFever Excavating, Inc

Land clearing involves the removal of trees, rocks, brush, etc. to take unusable land and make it useable whether it be for a hobby farm or just a better view.

The most economical method is to push the trees and brush into a pile although this is not as aesthetically pleasing as other options. Any large trees can be sold for logs, and the smaller trees are used for firewood. The remaining tree stumps are buried.

Other options would include the removal and/or burial of the tree stumps and debris. Every site varies and would require an “on-site” evaluation to tailor the work to your budget and purpose.

There are varying degrees to which the finished product may be completed. The disturbed area can be left in a bulldozer-backbladed condition, power raked and vibratory rolled, and the cleared area may be seeded and mulched.

Whatever your needs may be, give us a call or email us.