Much of our work is performed within the New York City Watershed area. This means special procedures and permits are required. At LaFever Excavating, Inc. we shall guide you through the process!

For new home owners, we’ll install a completely new engineered system. A conventional shallow trench and an alternative raised trench are the most commonly installed systems.

Repairs to Existing Systems

Necessary analysis by our trained professionals is important before any repair or maintenance can be done to an existing septic system. LaFever Excavating, Inc. works with the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) through their Septic Rehabilitation and Replacement Program. This program reimburses permanent residents 100% eligible costs of repairing or replacing a failed septic system. Non-primary residents are reimbursed 60% of eligible costs.

To install a new septic system or repair an existing septic system, give Jonathan LaFever a call at 1-607-832-4240 or email us.

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